Delaware School Disaster Preparedness Program


Brief Resource Description
The Delaware Disaster Preparedness Program was developed by Delaware Citizen Corps, American Red Cross of the Delmarva Peninsula, Public Health Preparedness, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, and Delaware Emergency Management with an overarching goal to provide commonality of message when preparing middle and high school students for all hazards in the State of Delaware. The program is delivered to students in schools by the Delaware State Police’s School Resource Officers and Youth Aid Officers. This initiative was kicked-off at the beginning of the school year, during National Preparedness Month. The event was a huge success and received much deserved attention in the media.

Delaware Emergency Management Agency/Delaware Citizen Corps

Type of Program
The State initiative was developed with non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) public sector and partners. The marketing and distribution of the program was conducted utilizing emergency management websites, citizen corps and education websites. Additional distribution methods included copies of the DVD and printed support material for school settings and the population at large. In an effort to target the special needs and Hispanic communities, the program has developed both English and Spanish closed-captioned videos and printed supported material.

Grade Level
Middle school and high school students. The video series was developed for the general public, but the series is shown to students and discussion is tailored to the audience with a goal that students will take the material home and share with their families.

Developing a Family Plan
Making a Disaster Kit
Shelter- in- Place
Evacuation Resource

Five-part video series on disaster preparedness (link):
Make A Plan
Make A Kit
Shelter Or Evacuation

Program Overview
Introductory Letter

Classroom Discussion Guide