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Listed below are some of the state partners:

Delaware State Police- Delaware State Police established a toll-free anti-terrorism tip line in order for Delaware to have ONE telephone number for the citizens to report suspicious activity possibly related to terrorism. As a part of National Preparedness Month, the Delaware State Police developed and implemented an aggressive marketing campaign. The goal of the promotion campaign was to make the toll free number as well know to as many Delaware citizens as possible before the next state, national or international event occurs.

This initiative was led by our Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security, in partnership with the Delaware Emergency Management Agency and the State Citizen Corps Council.

Through the partnership with the State Citizen Corps Council, the Delaware State Police were successful in implementing their anti-Terrorism campaign. All of the Marketing material (bumper stickers, billboards etc) now bears the Citizen Corps Logo. Additionally a film on the 7 Signs of Terrorism is available to the local Citizen Corps Councils and has been integrated into the CERT training program.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program - RSVP has been a terrific partner with Citizen Corps, DEMA, Red Cross and many other organizations. They have developed a preparedness presentation and utilize their volunteers, to take the “make a Plan”, “make a Kit” message to the citizen of Delaware.

• RSVP is a member on the State Citizen Corps council
• RSVP is an active member of the Disaster Preparedness Coalition (developed to provide consistency of message with regard to Preparedness
• RSVP is also a member of our Family Emergency Preparedness Planning Committee (An Event held every year.)

For more information and to learn how to volunteer with RSVP please go their web site at and click on RSVP

American Legion - Citizen Corps and the American Legion have joined forces to train Delaware residents to be prepared if disaster strikes.  The community emergency response training program will educate people on being prepared to handle disaster anywhere in the state.  There will be 28 active posts through the state that will act as disaster preparedness centers.

The American Legion, Citizen Corps, and DEMA have also partnered on an initiative to distribute disaster preparedness tips to all hotels in Delaware.  This program is starting in Sussex County which is most vulnerable to coastal storms.

Listed below are examples of some of the other initiatives CC is involved with:

· Citizen Corps is also a member of the State Pet Care Planning Committee and has developed a Disaster preparedness Brochure that covers those preparedness issues for Companion animals.

· Citizen Corps is also involved in various sections of the Delaware Emergency Operations Plan involved with warning, transportation, communications, special needs, volunteerism, and many other ESF areas.

          · Citizen Corps is also a member of the Delaware VOAD

Meetings/Councils that Citizen Corps is a member

  • Senior Advisory Board

  • Homeland Security Working Group

  • Delaware Volunteer Active in Disaster (DEVOAD)

  • Pet Care Planning Committee

  • Disaster Preparedness Coalition

  • Pandemic Flu Coalition