Local Councils


Our top priority is to establish local councils, assist them with the development of community outreach programs, and provide them with the resources required to support their programs.

The State level Citizen Corps Council continues to provide oversight responsibility along with the directions from the Director of DEMA. The council has partnered with many volunteer and state organizations to help promote volunteerism and assist in providing training and education to the citizens of Delaware. Some of the organizations that Citizen Corps works with, are American Red Cross of the Delmarva Peninsula, State office of Volunteerism, Volunteer in Disasters (VOAD), State Community Outreach Dept of VFW and other Veteran groups in Delaware, the Dept of Health, Department of Education, National Guard, State Police, State Fire School, several church groups and Civic Associations, Delaware State University and the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). Citizen Corps is now a member of the State Senior Advisory Board

On 18 February 04 we re-energized our State Level Citizen CORPS Council sponsored by the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA). Since the inception of our State Council our number one objective has been and remains to establish local Councils, assist them with the development of a Community Outreach Program, and provide them the resources to support their program. The state councils meet quarterly and provide oversight and guidance for the program.

Below are local councils in the State of Delaware. Don't see your city below? Contact us to find out about starting your own council.

Town of Millville Citizen Corps Council
Linda Kent
Phone: 302-539-0449


The Town of Millville is the newest Citizen Corps Council in DE and conducts a Neighborhood Watch Program as part of their community outreach program.  Millville is the second NWP to fall directly under Citizen Corps in the State of Delaware. They have various NW volunteer groups that patrol their local communities and provides additional eyes and ears in support for the Town. Millville does not have a Police Department and is currently patrolled by the Delaware State Police. They have participated in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training for their Council and Community in the near future.

Town of Harrington Police Department Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Chief Norman Barlow
Phone: 302-398-4493

The Town of Harrington has established a Citizen Corps council and with the support of their town council have establish VIPS organization. This Volunteers in Police organization will assist the local police in a variety of community safety issues. Additionally they have recruited and have stood up a victims assistance unit. One of the goals was to follow up with citizens who have fallen victim to crimes and to be an outreach source of communication for the local police.

New Castle County OEM Citizen Corps Council
Contact: David L. Scott
Phone: 302-395-2704
E-mail: DLScott@nccde.org

New Castle County Citizen Corps Council has developed and implemented an outreach program for their community that combines the educational opportunity of CERT and other Disaster Preparedness Training, working directly with local communities and organization in order to better prepare them for emergency situations. New Castle County Community Police Dept conducts a reverse 911 programs that aids and checks the health the seniors requiring assitance as well as Neighborhood Watch and VIPS.  The council is also developing a Communication Corps program at the county level.  New Castle County Emergency Services Corps provides CERT training across the county as an outreach program of the fire departments.

Sussex County EMA Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Carl Davis
Phone: 302-858-5302
E-mail: citizencorps@sussexcountyde.gov

The mission of Sussex County Citizen Corps is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds. The Council will promote and strengthen the Citizen Corps programs at the community level, such as Volunteers in Police Service programs, CERT teams, Medical Reserve Corps units, and Neighborhood Watch groups.

City of Wilmington OEM Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Margie Williams
Phone: 302-576-3914

The City of Wilmington Citizen Corps Council has already conducted a CERT pilot program for their downtown business community and has conducted a CERT course for their explorer group affiliated with their local Fire Company. They provide Disaster Preparedness training their community and have partnered with the STATE CERT team and provide Instructors support to citizens throughout the entire State of Delaware.

Town of Smyrna Police Department Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Lt. Torrie James
Phone: 302-653-9217

Smyrna Citizen Corps Council has developed a VIPS organization that incorporates community Preparedness, and promote family safety.  They are looking to double the size of the organization.

City of New Castle Police Department Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Capt. Jamie Rogers
Phone: 302-322-9271

City of New Castle PD Citizen Corps Council has developed a VIPS program for their community. This Citizen police patrol their own communities and support their local police in low intensity events. They have also conducted a CERT Training session for their VIPS organization.

University of Delaware, Center for Disabilities Studies Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Dr. Phyllis Guinivan
Phone: 302-831-7464
E-mail: pguiniva@udel.edu

Delaware Information and Analysis Center / Delaware State Police
Contact: Ron Bounds
Phone: 302-741-2761
E-mail: ronald.bounds@state.de.us

Middletown Jaycees Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Jeff Iank
Phone: 302-545-1650
E-mail: jeff@jefflank.com

Inactive Citizen Corps Councils

Town of Bethany Beach Police Department Citizen Corps Council

Bethany Beach Citizen Corps Council has developed a VIPS that includes their volunteers in patrolling their local communities and provides additional eyes in support of the local Police Department. Additionally they have developed a Child Identification program that enhancews the family safety commitment of their Police Department.

Town of Elsmere Police Department Citizen Corps Council
Phone: 302-998-1173

Town of Milton Police Department Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Capt. John Cornwell
Phone: 302-684-8547

Milton PD Citizen Corps Council developed the first Neighborhood Watch Program in Delaware that falls directly under Citizen Corps. They have various NW volunteer groups that patrol their local communities and provides additional eyes and ears in support of the local Police Department.

Town of Ocean View Police Department Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Chief Ken McLaughlin
Phone: 302-539-1111

Town of Selbyville Police Department Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Chief Scott Collins
Phone: 302-436-5085

Delaware State University Citizen Corps Council
Contact: Chief Harry Downes
Phone: 302-857-7473

Delaware State University has partnered with Kent county EMA to sponsored CERT training and CERT teams. These teams could be utilized as a resource for both the county and the University.  Delaware State University also has a victim outreach program that you can find out more about on the VIPS page.