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Ready.gov Preparedness for Individuals with Access and Functional Needs


National Organization on Disability (NOD)

An ADA Guide for Local Governments: Making Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Programs Accessible to People with Disabilities
One of the most important roles of local government is to protect their citizenry from harm, including helping people prepare for and respond to emergencies. This Guide from the U.S. Department of Justice gives local government officials tips on making their emergency preparedness and response programs accessible to people with disabilities, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

Red Cross Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities
The American Red Cross presents this 1996 publication which provides assessment exercises, supply checklists, and tips for establishing support networks.

FEMA's Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities Tipsheet
and Assisting People With Disabilities In A Disaster
The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) offers these suggestions to keep in mind when making emergency preparations addressing people with disabilities.

Nassau County Emergency Preparedness Brochures
Prepared by the Nassau Office of Emergency Management in Nassau County, New York, these brochures include disaster checklists, guidelines for service animals, and other pertinent information for Nassau County residents with and without disabilities. Although some of the information contained in these brochures is specific to the locality, these materials in general serve as a model for other communities interested in educating all residents on what to do to prepare for an emergency.